So here we are.

This is the start.

I am a little nervous, anxious but also happy, proud and full of curiosity of what is to come!

Let’s start with introductions. My Name is Kevin, I was born 24 years ago, well not exactly, it was somewhat 24ish years ago and since I can remember, I was always doodling and interested in pretty paintings. So over the years I kept on doing so, maybe I got a little better but I never really put too much effort in honing my skills because I tried too hard to fit in the academic institution called school. But I never really did. I felt off. I was unhappy and frustrated. And most people didn’t understand or even tried to. So there I was, unhappy in a system full of flaws which everybody seems to ignore.

You might think that art class was my favorite. Some light in the dark. But no, I hated it. Teachers can have the ability to drain every last bit of joy out of everything. Looking back, it was kind of like living next to a succubus. At some point, I even stopped drawing at all. And the dark ages began.

But enough off that. School was no fun, that’s all you have to know.

So after I graduated, I went to an actual school of free arts in Stuttgart. I learned much, met great people and some of them became really close friends and I had the most awesome time of my life. I was happy. But every good thing has to end sooner or later, so after a year, we went down different paths. I moved to Brunswick and here I started to study programming. And this is where everything started. Here I really understood, that becoming an artist is what I have to do. So I started to teach myself. Painting and drawing, analysing and reading. It was fun. And finally I built up the courage to show my work to the world. Creating not only a website but also a life I can someday be proud of.

And this is where our journey is about to start. I have much more to learn and you can be part of that journey. You can tag along, learn from my mistakes or help me overcome obstacles. I hope we will have a great time. An “Artventure” you may say.

So, shall we begin…?