Hello friends!

Nice to see you again! How have you been?

This time I will talk about this website and the content I want to create and what you can expect.

I wanted to have a website to show of my paintings but I didn’t want it to be just a portfolio. I wanted it to be more. A place where I can express myself, my thoughts, my art and everything else I’m interested in. So let me start with saying this, I am new to all of this. This is the second blog post I have ever written. I don’t exactly know what I am doing or how it’ll all work out but I am ready to learn and to improve. So if everything is still a little shaky, bear with it. It will get better soon enough.

So what do I have in mind? I already began to stream live painting sessions on Twitch and made a few time-lapse videos on YouTube. But I also want to make tutorials to teach and help people with what I have learned so far. This might take a while, though. I am not quite sure how I will do it, but it is about to come so stay tuned!

I will also continuing to write this blog about all kinds of stuff. Like what I am up to or feature some of my favorite artists or even just write about some thoughts I had.

You can always tell me what you think in the comment section down below so I can improve and adept to what you guys want to see. But I will always do things that I want to do. In the end I want this to represent who I am and not what people want me to be.

Cheers and Love