K-illustration is all about art. I aspire to become a pro in digital painting and I am most passionate about illustrating and concept-art. I also made it my life goal to someday write and illustrate a graphic novel, work on an animated movie like "Big hero 6" or "How To Train Your Dragon" and much more. But I am just at the beginning of my journey. And this is why I created K-illustration. I don't want my website to only show my portfolio I want it to represent me on every step of my way. I found that most websites about artists are from people who already are excellent in their art and I thought it would be something new and maybe inspiring to show my process of becoming a fine artist. You will be right by my side when I learn new things, get better and I will share my experiences with you. 

About the artist:

Kevin found his passion for drawing and painting at a very young age. He was always doodling and drawing, trying to tell stories or express his mind and was known as the "kid that is good at drawing". Growing up, he kept his passion and at some point made it his dream to become a professional. Another passion of his is gaming which, till today, is one of his biggest influences and source of inspiration. Even though he visited an art school for one year he is mostly self-taught. In the future he wants to work in many fields of modern art, like games and movies.